Spanish language digital graphic novels

Working to become the leading publisher of graphic novels for the Spanish-language e-book market.

KiLA iLO: Libro Uno (La Nave Espacial) On sale now!

KiLA iLo: Libro Uno (La Nave Espacial)

KiLA iLO: Libro Dos (La Carretera) On sale now!

KiLA iLo: Libro Dos (La Carretera)

KiLA iLO: Libro Tres (Regodeando) Available October 2016

KiLA iLo: Libro Tres (Regodeando)

KiLA iLO: Libro Cuatro: (Siempre Sola) Available November, 2016

KiLA iLo: Libro Cuatro (Siempre Sola)